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Our values are part of our Mission.

The way we work with our business partners, our close cooperation and with each other.

Our core values in the Company are integrity, accountability, passion, humility, simplicity and a focus on success, we are creating a vibrant company culture where ideas can grow, employees can develop freely in their skills and personality. Also unusual people and ideas are always welcome and success can flourish.

Our core values with customers, participant, student and clients

Talent Solution puts enduring, personal relationships first in everything that it does. People are more than resources; the most that we can ask is that they provide a resource for us. We understand that we work in a sensitive area that often suffers from a poor image.

Alongside our commercial practices as a business, which are naturally important in themselves, we rely in particular on fundamental ethical foundations and standards in the way that we deal with people. Our values are important to us, and we consciously avoid entering into any arrangement that runs contrary to these values. Our business ethics are built on the following approaches:

  1. The ethical and moral practices that are derived from a culture that is guided by Christian values. We undertake to act consistently with the practical implications that arise from Christian morality, the teaching that people are God’s creation, and the duty owed to God that this entails. Our ethics are based on the faith of the Evangelical Alliance [1] and the provisions set out in the Principles of Responsible Christian Business [2] published by the Federation of Catholic Businesspeople. This is encompassed by the words of Mr. Deichmann, of the eponymous retailer, who said that “Humanity does not exist to serve the economy: the economy exists to serve humanity.” [3]
  2. We consider that we have a fundamental duty to adhere to the ethical standards as enshrined in Article 1 of the German Basic Law, the Grundgesetz, and to that end, we make use of the German National Ethics Federation, the Bundesverband der Ethik, and its Ethical Charter [4].
  3. The “Diversity Charter” as jointly initiated by BP Europe SE, Daimler, Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Telekom, following the model of the French Charte de la diversité [5]. In the meantime, it has been signed by over 1,350 further businesses and its content [6] is available on the website of the German organization [7].
  4. The diversity of the human race is not a hurdle or an obstacle to be overcome, but an opportunity for mutual enrichment, and we therefore endorse and follow the principles of the “German Diversity Society,” the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Diversity, which undertakes a great deal of work to raise awareness and establish basic principles in precisely this area.

We are firmly convinced that the financial implications of adhering to high ethical standards are significant and worthwhile (Ulrich Hemel 2004).

By discussing the problems faced when recruiting staff internationally, “TSP” has come to recognize that intensive interaction with future post holders leads to a substantial cost reduction for employers, as well as avoiding circumstances where the wrong people are picked for a role. Nonetheless, the requirements placed on staff to ensure direct support for individual students had been all but impossible to achieve until now. Thanks to new tools, web-based networks, and collaboration with comprehensively equipped, relevant institutions, combined with the training opportunities afforded by webinars and E-learning with online tools and self-employed tutors, it is now possible to meet that requirement.

Long-term contact with the staff can therefore be maintained throughout the training period, and can be used to ensure intensive support during the process of sharing knowledge.

In order to achieve these goals, TSP will seek to enter into further collaborations and joint ventures, and to become a member of the relevant professional bodies.

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